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Engaging authentically with diverse audiences to promote resiliency, community-building, and growth.

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Corporate & Workplace Events

Danielle's deep understanding of building strength and fostering community makes her the perfect choice for corporate events seeking to cultivate resilient leadership, promote team-building through adversity, enhance employee engagement, and instill mindfulness.


Her talks inspire perseverance during times of organizational change, offering practical strategies for navigating challenges with resilience.

Community Engagements

With a background rooted in Social Work and Mental Health Strategy, Danielle offers an insightful perspective for community engagements focused on overcoming adversity and effecting positive change.


Her talks illuminate healing journeys and the transformative power of resilience. Danielle excels in inspiring communities to come together, empowering diverse audiences with strategies for building resilience and creating lasting impact.

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Health & Wellness Settings

Danielle's personal experiences and unyielding perseverance in the face of life-threatening challenges offer profoundly inspiring and authentic insights, perfectly suited for sharing in health and wellness settings.


Her talks delve into the depths of resilience and recovery, offering insights on fuelling the body for life's challenges. Attendees will discover ways to find strength, purpose, and meaning during life's most difficult moments, gaining valuable tools for their personal well-being journeys.

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